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Thank you for your interest in Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions, and welcome to our website! 

We at Mindsweep are a team of professionals dedicated to serving those in all areas of the music industry, both nationally and worldwide; from working directly with THE BEST TALENTED ARTISTS AND BANDS, (from the up and coming to national and world renowned headliners), providing them with an array of professional services ranging from high quality PR services, press services, media relations services, (both TV and radio), tour support services, shopping artists to the right record labels, connecting them with the right corporate sponsors and much more.  We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions also provide excellent, high quality professional services for esteemed music industry and other related executives and professionals such as record labels, media representatives, (TV and radio), concert promoters/talent buyers and corporations that are looking for high quality PR, press and media relations services for their artists and/or events, as well as for those seeking the right artists to work with. 

Our Press Services:

PRESS IS ADVERTISING!  ...And is the KEY TO SUCCESS in the music industry, as he/she with the most press ultimately WINS! 
Press is an ongoing need for any artist.  After all, what is the first thing any music industry execs ask you for?  YOUR PRESS KIT!  Why?  So that at a quick glance an exec can establish how well known you are as an artist by the number of readers EACH publication has, and by your most RECENT press, establish how well you as an artist, your latest CD and/or tour is being ADVERTISED.  The amount of press you have not only determines how well known you are, (fame factor), but also determines your viability and worth as an artist or act; how well ADVERTISED your latest tour, CD etc., are; as the bottom line in the music industry is CD sales or concert ticket sales.  Through the amount of press you have, (and what publications you have RECENTLY been featured in), quickly lets any exec determine if you are a good investment for them and/or their company.
Absence in the music industry makes the hearts and minds of both fans and execs grow forgetful.  So it's imperative to have a regular amount of CURRENT press exposure.   This is true for either up and coming acts, and world renowned headlining acts.  And if you think about it, what better or more cost effective advertising is there for you as an artist, your latest CDs, upcoming tour, concert dates etc., than an ENTIRE ARTICLE published in HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS (or more) publications NATIONALLY AND WORLDWIDE?  There simply is none!  Therefore, since press IS ADVERTISING our profeesional and strategically written press services not only SAVES you an immense amount of money on advertising, our press services MAKES you money, by listing where your CDs and /or music can be purchased, announcing upcoming tours and/or tour dates, booking info, etc., (generating music sales, concert ticket sales and bookings), all while gaining you the press exposure you need to succeed.  ...ON A VERY LARGE SCALE!
And you know our results are more than impressive and quite vast, making our press services a must have, very smart and cost effective investment in your career.
Please compare our services, quality of our services, publishing results and prices with those of other PR firms.  ...We encourage this!  On average our articles are published in anywhere from from hundreds to thousands of very esteemed publications, both nationally and worldwide PER article!  (And sometimes even more!)  We deliver the kind of press that opens doors and vastly increases your fame factor, increases CD sales, bookings, concert ticket sales and more.  (Please see our "Press and Featured Artists" page for samples).
BECAUSE PRESS IS ADVERTISING, we at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions also offer our high quality, highly EFFECTIVE press services to record labels, talent buyers/concert promoters, and other professionals as well as to pro artists.  PRESS EQUALS SUCCESS in the music industry, and no matter iof you are an artist, record label, or festival promoter, those who have the most press WINS!
Utilizing Your Press: 
We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions not only gain for our clients the immense amount of press exposure that every artist needs, we can also comprise very effective booking, record label and/or media 'heads up' presentations on you as an artist/band, USING your recent press and publishing results by presenting them in the presentation, and send those presentations to hundreds of our connections, (either concert and festival promoters/talent buyers and venues to generate bookings), AND/OR send to our record label connections AND/OR major national media connections, to launch successful booking and/or media (TV and radio), campaigns and/or shop artists to the right record labels, (if one wishes to be signed).  This lets these 'powers that be' in the music industry know which artists are HOT IN THE PRESS (with each of our articles being published in anywhere from hundreds to thousands or MORE publications nationally and worldwide PER ARTICLE), as well as lets these professional 'powers that be' in the music industry know that you as an artist, your latest CD and/or tour is WELL ADVERTISED; making you a MUCH MORE VIABLE CHOICE for them to work with. 
Corporate Sponsorship Presentations:
A $2,000 investment on your part for a corporate sponsorship presentation could potentially gain an artist/band hundreds of thousands (or more), dollars in corporate sponsorship.  Not only do we devise custom corporate sponsorship presentations to fit your individual needs, we would also send these presentations out to the major companies that would make THE RIGHT corporate sponsors for you as an artist.  You know that our articles are effective...YOU SHOULD SEE OUR CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP PRESENTATIONS! 
Professionally produced hard copy press kits:
Face it, no matter if you are a top paid, headlining, household word in the music industry, or an up and coming artist/band trying to get signed or booked... before booking or signing you, every executive wants to know WHO you are, WHAT you sound like, WHAT you look like, and WHAT your professional reputation is, and of course, how much PRESS you've RECENTLY had, and how well known and ADVERTISED you, (your music and/or your tour), are before they will allow you to perform on their stage, or sign you to their label or agency's roster.  The same holds true for all of the 'powers that be' in the entertainment industry. 

Therefore, making the use of a professionally produced PR/press kit containing anę x 10 photo, a studio quality sound sample of your music, a professionally written bios and credits articles, as well as your CURRENT press, A VITAL TOOL in your professional career as a musician!  As much so, as the equipment you use!  In fact, it is not only expected by the 'powers that be' in the music industry, IT IS DEMANDED!  Therefore nothing less than a sharp, eye catching, professionally produced PR kit will do to get you the recognition you deserve.  The fact is, no matter HOW good you sound, you still have to catch the EYES of A & R reps, and other top executives in the industry, long enough to ever make it to their ears, to get your product heard by the music industry executives who hold your future and musical career in their hands!  Competition is steep, and professionalism counts nearly as much as talent.  It also looks more professional if you have someone professional, and reputable in the business presenting you, your talents, and your product in the best possible light to the venue owners, recording labels and other important executives in the industry, press and media.

Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions produces high quality, sharp looking PR/press kits, and electronic press kits at VERY AFFORDABLE prices that can get you noticed, and paying for themselves with a fast return on your investment.  

Electronic Press Kits:

This saves you an enormous amount of both time and money, as sometimes execs want to see your information right now, rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail.  (And again, in the music industry, absence makes the heart grow forgetful!)  And professional hard cover press kits can be expensive to produce, and are expensive to send through the mail; so when possible, the use of a professionally produced EPK is advisable, and can be implemented in online presentations for booking, media, record labels, presentations to potential sponsors, etc.
Here is a sample of one of our EPKs; though we have many more in numerous custom styles.  Southpaw | Electronic Press Kit

Attention Concert Promoters and Festival Promoters, Event Coordinators, Talent Buyers and Venues:  

Looking for the best national and world renowned headlining artists, co-headliners or great opening acts to increase your ticket sales?  

We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions work with a number of very high quality performers in numerous genres, from the best up and coming acts to major headlining acts.  Whenever we run national and worldwide press on ANY of our artists, you know that their tours are VERY WELL ADVERTISED and are RED HOT in the press; which generates optimal ticket sales for your events.  Give us a call and we will be glad to let you know which artists that we have recently ran national and worldwide press on, who we recommend, and can even put you directly in touch with their booking contact.  

After we run national and worldwide press on our artists, we more times than not, utilize their press success by devising booking campaign presentations and snd them out to over 700 major concert and festival and large venue alliances letting them know that we have just ran massive amounts of press on those artists, (and our articles are published well into the thousands PER ARTICLE), to benefit both, our concert and festival promoter and venue alliances, as well as our artists, (to generate bookings for them).  If you would like to be on the list of concert and/or festival promoters and venue alliances and/or are wishing to bypass the jacked up prices of booking agencies and book the artists directly that you know will have their tours well advertised through our national and worldwide press services, then feel free to give us a call. 

Though Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions is NOT a booking agency, Laura Jenney, the Owner of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions, was also the Manager of the Florida Office of one of the top booking agencies in the US for a number of years, a Senior Booking Agent, as well as handled the PR, press and media relations services for that agency and their artists, through our  PR, press and media relations services here at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions.  We work with many outstanding acts and would be glad to conmnect you with them.  And EVERY event needs advertising, and AGAIN, PRESS IS ADVERTISING at it's BEST!  ...And THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING.  We promote events as well as artists and will be glad to assist you.

Attention Headlining Acts:

For greater increase in your bookings, concert ticket sales, CD and merch sales, of course we offer all the above PR, press, media relations, tour support services and much more.

For headlining acts that are looking for THE BEST supporting and/or opening acts to increase your bookings and concert ticket sales, look no further!  We at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions only work with the best upcoming acts in the biz.  Considering the artists that Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions provides press and/or media relations services for, insures significant increases in concert ticket sales when chosen as a supporting act for your tours; as on average, our articles on these artists are published in anywhere from hundreds to thousands of very esteemed publications (or more), both nationally and worldwide, PER ARTICLE!  With this in mind, every up and coming artist Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions provides press services for, has a very large and enthusiastic global fan base.  Therefore, making Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions' artist clients excellent choices as supporting and/or opening acts for your shows and/or tours.  By choosing our artist clients, you could also possibly gain a significant amount of added 'mention' in the press and a significant added gain in additional concert tickets and CD sales by them featuring the fact that they will be touring with you in their upcoming articles and national and worldwide press releases; especially if they list upcoming concert date information in those articles. 

Headliners, looking for fresh new material to perform?  Here at Mindsweep Entertainment we also represent some of the finest songwriters in the music industry with some great songs for sale!  Let us put you in touch with these great songwriters, and provide you with your next hit! 

Management and/or Responsible Agent Services:

Do you or your artists need an responsible agent or a great management team to help get you or your artists on a fast track to success?  Give us a call or an e-mail today!  WITH A VAST AMOUNT of ALREADY ESTABLISHED CONTACTS in the music industry, we can even save you an enormous amount of time, (possibly years), establishing these valuable contacts, by putting your material in the right hands, and have well over a decade of experience in the music industry to know how to properly and fairly work and negotiate with those connections.

Grammy Awards...Just teasing!  (Though it certainly IS possible!)  But if we get you there, you can plug us!
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Give us a call today at 904-342-2786 or 706-841-2502 and we will be more than glad to give you a fair listen and from there, consider working with you.  
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